Lekki-Ajah welcomes Jubilee Bridge Ajah

Sequel to the “Beginning of the End of Ajah Traffic“, Lekki-Ajah welcomes Jubilee Bridge Ajah; the game-changer that is supposed to alleviate the intense traffic Ajah and Ibeju Lekki residents experience regularly.

From Lekki to the new Jubilee Bridge Ajah, several Roundabouts have been replaced  by Traffic lights which have made a massive impact in reducing traffic around the Lekki-Ajah corridor.

The Jubilee Bridge Ajah is situated in the former Ajah Roundabout area (after Victoria Garden City – VGC).

  • The idea is commuters going to Badore, Addo, Langbasa would use the exit at the foot of the bridge to those locations.
  • Commuters NOT going to areas like Badore, Addo, Langbasa would remain on the express/bridge. This includes commuters going to and from Lekki, Ajah and Ibeju Lekki.

So over to you Ajah residents, what is the traffic experience so far?



Photo Credit: Nairaland

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